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InstaPay is read by thousands of bankers, regulators and instant payment scheme providers around the world, plus users such as corporate treasurers, consumer trade bodies and other payment professionals involved in the field. It is updated regularly with the latest real-time payment news from the Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle-East. A monthly E-newsletter, InstaPay Digest, brings you all the highlights, features, interviews, show reports, blogs & instant payment-related information that you need to know. Sign up here to join the InstaPay Community and receive the monthly InstaPay Digest. More readership data is available upon request.  

The payments industry is in flux. Many countries are moving towards instant payments (IP) or what they refer to as real-time payments (RTP). Some nations have already made the transition, such as the UK and Singapore, while others such as Australia, US and the EU are launching schemes. However, there is a lack of information on best practice and the potential options to create an instant payments network. InstaPay has been set up to enable those working in the industry to share information and to spark discussions that push the industry towards more efficient payments frameworks.

InstaPay’s Advisory Board features distinguished figures from The Clearing House (TCH), Icon Solutions, Lipis Advisors, McKinsey & Company, the Payments Advisory Group and VocaLink. Alongside industry leaders, they cover emerging trends, schemes and challenges, and share their opinions. You can view the insight article submission guidelines and topics planned for 2018 by clicking on the highlighted text. 

InstaPay brings together the latest insights from across the payments world, together with original analysis and valuable market intelligence, such as whitepapers, infographics, and research studies into a single online hub. It also includes a regularly-updated round-up of the most important conferences and events taking place across the payments industry.  

The content on this site, together with our LinkedIn and Twitter communities, and Tracker provides the most up-to-date resource on instant payments on the web.

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