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ANZ’s Anne Collard to join InstaPay Advisory Board


ANZ’s Anne Collard has joined the InstaPay Advisory Board as its newest member as the title seeks to expand its Bank and Asian representatives.

Based in Australia, Anne Collard is the Head of Payment Industry & Capabilities within the Banking Services unit at ANZ. She has previously written for InstaPay and will advise about our editorial calendar, developments in Australia such as the New Payment Platform (NPP launch) and how such schemes impact banks, as well as about the wider Asia region generally.

Anne will also bring her 25 years’ worth of experience to bear on advising InstaPay about how bank overlay services interact with instant payment infrastructures, the corporate segment of the market, and so on, reflecting her wide experience. She is a current ANZ Board Member and Deputy Chairman of the Australian Payments Network. Look out for further bank and Asian representatives joining the Advisory Board in the near future as part a drive to increase its geographical and sector expertise.

InstaPay’s Advisory Board consists of distinguished figures from the payments industry, including representatives from McKinsey & Company, The Clearing House (TCH) and Vocalink, among others. The Board use their extensive experience and knowledge to collectively alert InstaPay about emerging trends in instant payments, challenges being experienced around the globe, new schemes coming online, technical issues, and so on.

Anne Collard joins the other new Advisory Board members previously announced in last month’s E-newsletter: Lauren Jones, deputy editor of InstaPay and ex-Head of Standards at the UK Payments Association; and Gene Neyer, Executive Advisor, Icon Solutions, who is a current member of the US Governance Framework Formation Taskforce (GFFT), successor body to the US Federal Reserve’s (Fed) Payments Taskforce. Gene replaces Tom Hay as Icon’s representative on the Board, providing vendor knowledge about connectivity and processing options. He is president of the supplier committee at the Bankers Association for Finance and Trade (BAFT).

Commenting on her decision to join the Board, ANZ’s Anne Collard, said: “I’m excited about the launch of instant payment in Australia under the auspices of the NPP Australia (NPPA) Limited company, which runs the New Payments Platform (NPP), and about how immediate payments are spreading around the world. As such, it’s an honour to join the InstaPay Advisory Board and advise them about their editorial calendar, developments in the industry, bank overlay services, the corporate segment and so on. I’m looking forward to working with distinguished colleagues on the Board from TCH, McKinsey and others in what is an exciting time for the industry, as the SCT Inst scheme in Europe, US TCH RTP scheme, and NPPA in Australia all ramp up.”

“Instant payments are at an exciting development stage, but the banks need to make the best of these new backbones to offer exciting new services to consumer and corporate customers alike. Banks need to connect and integrate these new platforms into their operations. I’ll be bringing this expertise to the Board.”


Author: Neil Ainger
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