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Norwegians can now pay their bills via Facebook Messenger

04 December 2017

Nordea just launched the first Nordic bank service via Facebook Messenger. Powered by Nets, it initially allows for payment of Norwegian bills via an e-invoice in Facebook Messenger.

The service is fully automated, and the payment is initiated via an online dialogue with a chatbot in Facebook Messenger.

Making payments on Facebook Messenger is a secure solution. Customers first enrol via their Bank-ID and afterwards use the PIN they have created for mobile banking. Users can easily confirm, view or change their outstanding e-invoices on Facebook Messenger too.

“Paying bills has never been a fun task,” says John Sætre, Head of Consumer Market Services, Nordea Norway. “Now, we are making it very easy for our customers to pay their bills via a platform that many of them are already active on.”

This is a new channel and opportunity and, as before, customers can still handle their e-invoices via their mobile and online banking applications – whichever they prefer.

The news comes after last month Facebook has launched a person-to-person (P2P) payments service on its Messenger app in the UK and France. Read the story here.

Author: Viali Munteanu
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