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How ready is Europe for SCT inst? Have your say!


SEPA instant payments (SCT inst) is the first instant payment scheme to be inter-operable in a region as large as SEPA and is a response to European customer needs for faster payments.

From November 2017, customers of participating banks will be able to send money to accounts in 10 seconds regardless of the SEPA countries involved in the transaction, and can do this 24/7/365.

But how ready are organisations for this date and what are their reasons for participating – or even not participating?

As part of a new InstaPay initiative, we’re conducting a short survey to collect views from our Community members on the drivers and challenges involved with transitioning to to SCT inst.

The results of this survey will be shared with the InstaPay Community so you will be able to see how your view compares with other key instant payments stakeholders.

Share your views today

If you would like to contribute, you can complete the short survey here. All responses are of course, anonymous. We look forward to sharing the insights with you.

Author: Saara Day