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InstaPay publishes a series of instant payment blogs from worldwide realtime payment experts. These original real time payment articles offer the latest thoughts on instant payment adoption and real time payments issues and immediate payment market trends.

Monetising the UK’s new Request to Pay (RtP) service

In this blog, Aniruddha Maheshwari, Payments Consultant and Jeremy Bliss, Business Development Director at Icon Solutions, discuss the use case for Request to Pay and the opportunities for revenue generation.  Having just attended the Pay.UK (formerly known as New Payment System Operator (NPSO)) progress update event, there seems to be a good amount of excitement, anticipation and intrigue […]

FedPayments forum guiding the US toward a faster, safer, more efficient payment system

Last week I attended the Federal Reserve’s inaugural FedPayments Improvement Community Forum in Chicago which had six Fed COOs participating and the Fed Governor, Lael Brainard, giving the opening keynote. The purpose of the Forum was to drive workshop-style sessions to help influence and guide the United States’ journey toward a faster, safer, more efficient […]

In the era of Open Banking and Instant Payments, why are banks still ‘closed’?

In this blog, Simon Wilson, Global Sales Director at Icon Solutions, discusses how banks need to emulate the market disruptors to compete in a digital world.  The financial services sector has entered an unprecedented period of upheaval driven by changing consumer behaviour, technology innovation and regulation. Consumers are digital natives used to products and services being available […]

Latin America: A mobile feast

Payments, the centre of innovation From a financial services perspective Latin America has been an interesting market to watch over the last decade. With markets opening up after long periods of dictatorship, civil wars or oppressive governments, the industry was presented with real opportunity to grow. However in 2015, growth in the region declined for […]

Mobile Instant Payments: a driver for payments modernisation

In this blog, Sailesh Panchal, Chief Technology Officer at Orwell Group, discusses how mobile instant payments are evolving with the implementation of PSD2.  Mobile – first for customers Consumers will use apps on their smartphone instead of a computer to do their banking by as early as next year with 75% of the adult UK population using […]

Key themes from EBAday 2018

There was one overwhelming take away for me from EBAday in Munich. It was that the phrase “instant payments is the new normal” has become meaningless. The statement fails to capture the magnitude of the impact real-time payment processing has: the wealth of use cases it offers, the opportunities for the API economy it brings […]

NACHA Payments 2018: A Corporate Banking Perspective on Real-Time Payments

I’ve been attending the NACHA Payments conference for many years, either as a banker, technologist, or industry research analyst. In recent years, the conference has been re-invigorated as the US begins to implement faster, real-time payment solutions. With my research focus on corporate banking and treasury management, I attend NACHA with a somewhat different lens […]

Top 5 TIPS for the Introduction of SCT Inst

In this blog, Richard Dear, Business Development Director, Icon Solutions shares his top SCT Inst implementation tips from a recent InstaPay webinar featuring Accenture, UniCredit HVB, Raiffeisen Bank and Icon Solutions.  The recent InstaPay webinar “Transitioning to Instant Payments in Germany” provided some more TIPS (pun intended) for the introduction of SCT Inst.  Icon’s very […]

Leveraging Instant Payments to future proof your payments architecture

In this blog, Aniruddha Maheshwari, a payments consultant with Icon Solutions, discusses how payments architecture needs not only to meet the demand for Instant Payments, but also the demands of the future.  In Germany, many of the smaller banks (for example Sparkasse banks) have opted to use payments as a service via a Technical Service Provider (TSP) […]

Instant payments in Hungary – no compromise on deadline

In this blog, Jeremy Bliss, a Business Development Director with Icon Solutions, discusses why there is no room for manoeuvre with the 2019 deadline for the Hungarian instant payments scheme.

An important meeting took place this week in Budapest between the Hungarian National Bank (MNB); Giro Zrt, who will operate the country’s new instant payment scheme; and Nets who will build it; plus the various financial institutions that will connect to it.

Will Instant Payments be more popular than coffee in Italy?

In this blog, Aniruddha Maheshwari, a payments consultant with Icon Solutions, discusses the appetite for instant payments in Italy and why it pays to be an early adopter.  The benefits of being an early-adopter Even though EBA Clearing launched SEPA Instant Payments in November 2017 via RT1, so far only a handful of banks (early-adopters) have decided to offer the Instant […]