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Multiple Clearing and Settlement Mechanisms (CSMs) operate throughout the European region and several of these provide services across multiple countries. Payment Service Providers (Banks) looking to offer SCT Inst compliant instant payments to their customers can use the services of a CSMs to do so.

This will be particularly relevant if a country does not have a national instant payments service.
The information below was originally supplied by the CSMs.

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 EBA ClearingequensWorldlinenets A/SAdditional CSM
Organisation Head QuartersParis, FranceUtrecht, NetherlandsBallerup, Denmarkdetails can be found on Page 2
OwnershipOwned by 52 banks operating in EuropePartly owned by Worldline/ATOS, partly owned by NL, IT and DE banksPublicly listed on Nasdaq, DK
Product / Service nameRT1equensWorldline Instant Payments Clearing and SettlementRealTime24/7
Website EBA ClearingequensWorldline nets
Geographical focusConceived and designed to offer pan European reachPan-EU with strong presence in NL and DEGlobal
SCT Inst service launch date20 November 201720 November 2017March 2017
Supported service(s)SCT Inst scheme compliant serviceFull compliancy with the EPC SCT Inst scheme. In addition, equensWorldline provides CSM services for regular SCT and SDD (COR and B2B) as well as support for the addition of local specials, such as support for the NL Not Time Critical and Instant Bulk schemes.Credit Transfers (single/batch), SCT Inst with local AOS and rules for processing, Request for payment/Creditor payment activation, Payment initiation, Remittance advice, etc.
Channels supportedDesigned to support any service or channelThe equensWorldline solution is channel independent, it supports initiation of payments through mobile and internet banking, as well as corporate channels.P2P, P2M, B2B, Terminals
Bank commitmentsThe list of funding institutions supporting the development of the platform is available on our website. In addition to these close to 40 banks, another 60+ banks have indicated that they plan to join the service in 2017 or 2018. 28 users are either already testing or preparing for testing to go live by November 2017.This is confidential at this stage. We are traditionally strong in NL and DE.Confidential information
Technology partnersThe platform is developed in co-operation with the funding institutions and SIA as a technology partner.The equensWorldline Instant Payments Clearing and Settlement service is based on equensWorldline own capabilities.In-house developed
Processing speedLess than 1 secondUntil the system goes live in November 2017 we are unable to confirm actual speed. We have however executed several performance analysis and we are confident we will process below 0.5 seconds.The processing speed of RealTime24/7 is on average less than 20 milliseconds per complete transaction flow. End to end processing time less than 1.5 seconds
Message types supportedCompliant with SCT Inst message typesOur solution is fully compliant with the EPC SCT Inst scheme.• Camt.029 - Resolution of Investigation
• Camt.056 - FI-to-FI Payment Cancellation Request
• Pascs.002 - FI to FI Payment Status Report
• Pacs.004 - Payment Return
• Pacs.008 - FI to FI Customer Credit Transfer
• Pacs.028 - Status Request
• Pain.001 - Customer Credit Transfer Initiation
• Pain.002 - Customer Payment Status Report
• Pain.013 - Creditor Payment Activation Request
• Pain.014 - Creditor Payment Activation Request Status Report
• Remt.001 - Remittance Advice
Message standardsISO 20022ISO 20022ISO 20022
Overlay servicesClearing and settlement only designed to support any service or channelThe equensWorldline Instant Payments Clearing and Settlement service offers several value added services, such as an alias conversion service, fraud detection and interbank account switching.Tokenisation/Addressing, Signature, Mobile P2P app, StoreBox (electronic receipts), Fraud Screening, Terminals, Wallets. Planning to offer Advance Fraud and AML solutions, PSD2 services.
Management InformationRich liquidity management and BI toolsThe equensWorldline Instant Payments Clearing and Settlement service comes with standard management information reports as well as optional support for management cubes.Instant available operator and participant information, dashboards, portals, etc.
Maximum Processing capacityScalable system allowing flexible adaptation to growing transaction numbersThe equensWorldline Instant Payments Clearing and Settlement service is performance tested up to 5.000 tps with near linear scalability.11,000 TPS currently
Settlement optionsReal-time settlement based on pre-funding in central bank bank funds Supports the new TARGET2 ASI6 Real Time settlement model, as agreed with the European Central Bank, as well as plans to support the upcoming TARGET2 TIPS settlement service. However, the equensWorldline Instant Payments Clearing and Settlement service is flexible and set up to be currency independent. The existing equensWorldline Clearing and Settlement service is also currently supporting Hungarian Forint.DNS, Cycles, real-time Line-by-Line, prefunded, debit caps, collateral
Connectivity optionsParticipants and serviced participants, liquidity providers and technical service providers, addressable PSPs.In the first release in November 2017 will support Leased Lines and MPLS with several communication protocols, such as JMS, OpenMQ, webservices and APIs.Direct, In-direct, Accelerators
Communication / Network optionsSIANet and EBICS from the launch of the system on; the system is network-agnostic, so other options may follow In the first release, leased lines and MPLS are supported. Next releases will add support for SWIFT and EBICS and potentially other networks, based on customer demands.MQ, Web Services, MPLS, proprietary protocols
Service Availability SLA> 99.995%Availability is significantly higher than the legal requirement of 99.88%99.999%
Test optionsDedicated test environment available 24x7 for AS-PSPs and technical service providersThe system will support client testing, including a sandbox environment as well as full end-to-end client testing.Standing production and customer test facilities including on-boarding self-certification.
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