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InstaPay Webinar: The Payments Transformation Race – who’s winning?


There is no doubt that banks who have a clear and robust payments transformation plan will be more profitable than their competitors, widening the gap between the winners and losers in the transformation race. However, according to recent research, 63% of top tier banks are reporting that they are either close to or below profitability hurdles for payments. So how can banks may sure they have a slice of the pie?

Join us at our next webinar where we will hear from HSBC, Nordea and Icon Solutions on the drivers for payments transformation, some of the barriers and the benefits for corporates and retail customers. During this webinar we will take stock of the state of play today, paint a picture of the future of payments, identify key developments already underway and examine what is needed from market participants. Key insights will be shared from the research as well as on-the-ground perspectives from banks undergoing their own payments transformation program.

Date: 26th November 2019

Time: 12pm GMT

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  • Mark Evans, Global Head of Payments Advisory, HSBC
  • Marta Stensheim Haugen, Head of Payments, Nordea
  • Simon Wilson, Director, Global Payment Solutions, Icon Solutions


  • Lauren Jones, Editor, InstaPay


Author: Kate Nelson