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Faster payments are driving progress, but global reach has been the tricky piece in the payments puzzle

Marc Recker identifies global reach as the crucial piece of the payments puzzle citing SWIFT gpi adoption as a step towards plugging the gap.


How will PSD2, APIs & Instant Payments change the game?

The EU’s Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) represents a watershed moment for public policy surrounding payments in Europe, instant or otherwise, says Hakan Eroglu, an executive in Accenture’s payments practice.


Instant Payments: The new normal in Netherlands in 2019

Fred Bar, an InstaPay Board member looks at the drivers & blockers of the introduction of a national instant payments service in 2019.


Berlin Group’s NextGenPSD2 becoming a European reality

Wijnand Machielse, from The Berlin Group Secretariat, provides an exclusive overview of the new NextGenPSD2 Testing Framework.


SCT Inst migration of the German market

After the launch of SCT Inst five months ago, now is a good time to take a closer at the migration status of Germany, one of the largest payment communities, says Accenture’s Britta Kotthaus-Krahmer, Principal Director, FS.


ECB on TIPS: Carving out the future of payments

We’ve entered a new era for payments, says Mehdi Manaa, Deputy DG, Market Infrastructure & Payments, European Central Bank (ECB), as he reviews the imminent TIPS (TARGET Instant Payments Settlement) platform and rise of instant payments & SCT Inst in Europe.


German instant payments & SCT Inst adoption

The biggest market for SCT Inst payments, Germany, isn’t leading the adoption path, says Leo Lipis, an InstaPay Board member due to the lack of a domestic CSM; non-migration of Deutsche & Commerzbank; plus its savings banks not moving until July.


SCT Inst & Belgium: An ING instant payments overview

Begoña Blanco Sánchez, Head of Payments, ING Belgium, looks at the country’s readiness for Europe’s SCT Inst including its 85% reachability target, STET CSM decision & local variations.


Instant payments: Taking the reins

An important part of the digital transformation underway at banks and corporates is the move towards real-time payments and operations, says Citi’s Alberto Casas. Benefits include faster reconciliation, working capital & transaction data.


The language barrier: Payments babel fish & ISO 20022

Breaking down the language barriers between payment messages to develop fully interoperable payments systems is no small undertaking and requires ISO20022, says Mike Banyard, Head of Development at the UK Faster Payments Scheme Limited (FPS).