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Insights - Infographic


Infographic: What do PSD2 and Instant Payments really mean for cards?

A new infographic from Icon Solutions illustrates the impact of PSD2 and Instant Payments on the future of credit and debit cards.


US market preparations for Same Day Debit ACH

Nacha have published an infographic showing the US market state of preparation for same day ACH debits


Same day US ACH – Infographic

NACHA have produced a helpful infographic which shows how same day ACH is being adopted in the US.


InstaPay Survey: SCT Inst Adoption Infographic

We have created a helpful infographic for the results of our recent survey on SCT Inst adoption.


New infographics: Consumers are driving the demand for Instant Payments

InstaPay recently completed a survey to find the key factors, drivers and challenges faced in the adoption and transition to instant payments. An Infographic is now available.


European SCTInst scheme infographic

The European Payments Council has produced an Infographic to provide details of the planned European regional instant payments scheme.


US same day ACH infographic

NACHA have published an infographic with all the key facts on same day ACH payments in the US during October 2016.      

Research image

Real-time payments – Infographic

Banking Technology, ACI Worldwide and Nets have joined forces to survey the global market about the highs and lows of its current journey towards real-time payments.