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InstaPay Tracker

Global-Innovation-Collider-Image-1The InstaPay Tracker, sponsored by Icon Solutions, is constantly being updated with news of instant payment implementations around the world. The tracker includes information on all the countries that have live national instant payment / real time payment systems as well as details on those countries who are in a planning or development phase.

This valuable information is available free of charge to all InstaPay Community Members.

Within the InstaPay Tracker you can find all the details for each national real time payments scheme, details which are provided direct by the scheme in some cases.

A downloadable tracker map is available for use in your presentations. In fact, the InstaPay Tracker map regularly features at industry conferences..

As a member of the InstaPay Community, you have a valuable role in helping ensure the Tracker offers the most comprehensive and accurate information available in the market.  If you have any suggestions or an update to a scheme, please do email them to our Editor.

If you’re not already an InstaPay Community member, please  Sign Up  so that you can view the complete tracker data and its latest insights.