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Avidia Bank to help FinTechs by offering real-time payments


Amongst other services, Avidia Bank provide payment services and currently offer faster payments through a push-to-card system, and will soon be offering Real-Time Payments. Avidia Bank, were the first community bank in the country to sign on to this service available through The Clearing House.

In addition, Avidia Bank now offer various other services to help FinTech’s build and grow their businesses, including a library of Application Programming Interfaces, which allow FinTechs to offer customised banking platforms to their corporate partners.

Robert Conery, COO, EVP, Avidia Bank said, “We understand that FinTech’s have very unique needs when it comes to building and managing their businesses. As a niche bank dedicated to innovation, Avidia Bank is nimble enough to deliver the payment and banking services and compliance expertise they require, but with a level of personal service that’s difficult to find today”.

Author: Kate Nelson