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InstaPay publishes a series of instant payment blogs from worldwide realtime payment experts. These original real time payment articles offer the latest thoughts on instant payment adoption and real time payments issues and immediate payment market trends.

Faster Payments: The Slow Process – AFP viewpoint

By Magnus Carlsson, Manager, Treasury & Payments, Association for Financial Professionals Maybe I’m too blunt with that headline. But it seems we have been talking about faster payments for quite some time. It has been almost a decade since Faster Payments was launched in the UK in 2008. That same year also saw the launch of […]

PSD2 and Instant Payments: Why membership has its privileges

by Darren Capehorn, Director of Services at Icon Solutions In 2014 Europe started ramping up the rhetoric for building a pan European Instant Payments solution (now known as SCT Inst). In response, various forums sprung up to enable interested parties to discuss what such a solution might offer and how it would be delivered. Stop! […]

How PSD2 is replacing the benefits of cards

By Jeremy Bliss – Icon Solutions The world is now immediate. We’re able to buy things online and have them delivered the same day (sometimes within an hour), our correspondence is sent and reacted to in seconds, and opinions and photos are shared before we can even decide whether it’s a good idea or not. […]

Payments: Simplicity or Complexity? The answer is… Simplexity!

By Edith Rigler – Payments Advisory Group (PAG) For many years, the payments business was considered a simple business, a basic utility which banks provided to their customers. Payments were seen as representing simplicity. After all, what could possibly have been complex about them? However, with increasing regulation, with new payment methods arriving, with digitalisation […]

Are banks missing a trick?

Listening to their customers and delivering new services will be crucial for the success of real-time banking and payments in Europe and the US With two major real-time payment schemes going live later this year, the pan-European EBA SEPA Instant Credit Transfer Scheme (SCT Inst) and The Clearing House (TCH) Real-time Payments Scheme in the […]

PSD2 and Instant Payments Rewrite the Script – Tom Hay

PSD2 brings a seismic shift in what it fundamentally means to be a bank. It’s no longer enough to be a trusted custodian of consumer transactions and the traditional bank position as the de-facto holder of the banking relationship is being eroded. New rules require banks to open their payments infrastructure and their customer data […]

How real is the US on real-time payments? – Roman Korniyenko

With real-time payments on the horizon for the US, NACHA’s Faster Payments 2017 was a key conference for payments professionals. But how close is real-time payments to becoming the norm there and what can US banks learn from other markets where instant payments are in full swing? Here are some of the insights I gained at […]

Instant payments: Excelling by drawing on lessons learned – Maarten Peeters, BCG

2017 is a crucial year for instant payments. Infrastructure will become available in U.S. and Europe. However, while building an instant payments infrastructure is no small feat, the ultimate challenge lies in convincing banks to connect as well as bringing value propositions that solve real life problems for end-users. In many early mover countries, adoption […]

Preventing fraud in real-time payments – Richard Dear, Icon Solutions

What insights can the U.S. take from early real-time payments adopters?    Change is constant in the banking and payments industry – and organisations that can keep pace with this change while outsmarting the associated risks, gain a competitive advantage. One significant change across the industry currently is the widespread move to real-time, account-to-account payments. […]

PSD2 and SCTInst: A threat to card payments in Europe?

A blog by Tom Hay, Head of Payments at Icon Solutions PSD2 paves the way for a new way to pay online across Europe. Instead of using a card, consumers will soon be able to pay directly from their bank accounts. Similar schemes have been extremely successful in other countries – in the Netherlands the […]